Here is your AfterOffice report
Class : 10

AfterOffice is a proprietary program.
Reproducing any part of this report is prohibited.

Hello, I am expert from AfterOffice and I have diligently gone through all the answers that you gave during AfterOffice Assesment and have applied the principles of Behavioral Sciences to help you towards your quest for the "Best Suited" career(s) for you.
How will you benefit?
  • You will know the Aptitudes or inherent Potential that you possess.
  • You will know your Personality traits.
  • You will know that the combination of the above would make you an ideal candidate for which all careers.
  • You will also get tips to build upon and improve your personality traits to help you succeed in work & life.
How is the report organized?
  • A summary of your report.
  • The process and methodology adopted in AfterOffice.
  • Detailed analysis of your Aptitudes.
  • Detailed analysis of your Personality Traits.
  • Detailed analysis of your Interests and your top three preferred career choices.
  • Your Ideal Career(s) as suggested by AfterOffice.
  • Improvement Tips and the Road Ahead.


XXXXX, AfterOffice analysis has found out that in terms of your aptitudes, you are multitalented. You have Excellent Aptitude for: mechanical comprehension and reasoning, logical and numerical reasoning. You have High Aptitude for: ability with numbers, perceptual and attention ability.

In terms of your personality, we can say that you are .......

Your unique combination of aptitudes, personality, and interests makes you fit for some interesting careers. You will soon find out.


AfterOffice process has been designed after years of research in the field of career assessment and after counseling thousands of students. It maps the Aptitudes, which are the inherent competencies of an individual, Personality, which is the sum total of the traits present in an individual and interests, the inclinations of the individuals.

Aptitudes are most critical in determining the career one should adopt and behavioral scientists believe that Aptitudes don't change after certain age. People who work as per their inherent Aptitudes find greater happiness in accomplishing their work and generally do it much faster and much more efficiently than others. On the other hand, people who work in areas where they have low Aptitude will not be very successful in those areas and would always feel frustrated.

AfterOffice maps each individual on ten different Aptitudes.

Further, AfterOffice maps each individual on twenty eight different personality traits. Unlike Aptitude, Personality can be improved upon!

Then, the Interest is mapped on eight broad career themes and a choice in about 170 careers.

The interplay of various aspects of Aptitude, Personality and Interests, mapped through the analysis are checked for their fit with the desired / specific career choice(s) through our proprietary methods and procedures. Further the program gives recommendations of three most suitable/apt careers for each individual after matching the aptitude and personality scores with the requirements of all 170 careers. The report also gives the "road ahead" for the individual to pursue their dream career. This "road ahead" suggests different routes that one can adopt to reach their career goals, as well as information about institute / university / college of repute.

Your POTENTIAL (Aptitude) Mapped:

XXXXX's Aptitude
Mechanical Spatial Abstract Verbal Language Numerical Operational Auditory Memory For Design Visual

Let's understand these in detail :

Mechanical Comprehension & Reasoning :

The AfterOffice Analysis has found out that you seem to have an innate competency of working with various gadgets and machines......(More in actual report)

Logical and Numerical Reasoning :

AfterOffice Analysis has found out that you have an innate general intelligence to think in a logical manner.......(More in actual report)

Arithmetic and Numeracy :

AfterOffice Analysis has found out that you have the innate ability to do well with Numbers......(More in actual report)

Perceptual and Attention Ability :

AfterOffice Analysis has found out that you have the ability to correctly perceive the work or job at hand and then methodically and systematically accomplish it......(More in actual report)

Please Note :
"If you are having doubts about having these innate aptitudes, then it is possible that you still have not got a chance to try these or haven't done or thought of these activities that would utilize these aptitudes!!!"

Your Personality Mapped:

XXXXX's Personality
Low Prevalence Moderate High Prevalence
Emotional Stability  
Tough Minded  
Kind / Considerate  
Achievement Orientation  

The responses that you gave during AfterOffice Assessment bring out that in terms of your personality, you are:
......(More in actual report)

Working upon your "Personality"

Change is inevitable as per as our personality goes. Our enviornment change show our behaviour changes. Many a times, the changes in Personality are involuntary and happen over a large period of time. However, most great men and women across the world, bring about conscious and voluntary improvements in their personality. They keep working on various aspects of their personality and emerge as winners.

The first and foremost part of any improvement process, including Personality Improvement process, is to find out the gap areas or the deficiencies / lacunas. With the gap areas clearly identified, one can then work diligently to carry on with the improvements.
AfterOffice analysis has mapped various aspects of your personality and found out the areas where you excel as well as areas where you need to improve upon. Below mentioned are the Personality areas that you need to work upon and some ways of improving them are mentioned hereunder:

......(More in actual report)

Your Interests Mapped
When asked about specific career interests, you have listed down these three careers:
  1. Information Technologist/ Software Developer
  2. Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineer
  3. Computer Engineer
Let's see how do these careers, in which you have shown interest, match up with your aptitude and personality
 Information Technologist/ Software DeveloperMechanical and Instrumentation Engineer Computer Engineer
Aptitude Matching High Fit High Fit High Fit
Personality Matching Moderate Fit Moderate Fit Moderate Fit
Can Pursue Yes; however personality has to be improved Yes; however personality has to be improved Yes; however personality has to be improved
This is a confidential report, to be read by student and his/her parents only. This report is entirely based on the responses given by the student during AfterOffice assessment and is not based on any performance at work or study. AfterOffice assessment is a standardized psychometric assessment. Research suggests that psychometric assessments can be powerful predictors of successful performance in study and work activities.
The Aptitude Type and Personality Type combinations for different careers have been arrived at after in-depth secondary research and as such are subject to longitudinal study results.
This report is entirely recommendatory in nature and should not be seen as a definite comment. Sattava Edusys exempts itself of any liability.

Expert's Recommendation

Any career selection should be based on first matching one's "Aptitude" and then the "Personality". Pursuing the career where the Aptitude and Personality do not match, usually lead to workplace stress and makes the individual misfit for that career.

After diligently mapping your Highest Aptitudes and your Deepest Personality Traits, we have found out that you would do really well in the following careers:

2Information Technologist/ Software Developer
3Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineer

So how do you feel!

It is possible that in many careers mentioned above, some may not seem very interesting to you. However, we at AfterOffice strongly feel that they fit very well with your Aptitude and Personality traits that we have found out for you. Also, interest about a career is something that can be inculcated and developed; however it is very difficult to change the inherent Aptitudes. So our suggestion is that seriously consider the career options mentioned above and there is every chance that you will develop (if not already developed) good interest in the same and excel in that.

Expert's Suggestion
So already feeling that the journey has ended ... well really speaking it has just begun !!!
What we have done so far is just the "Reality Check", the real action happens with the effort and hard work that you put in to excel in your "best-fit" career.
It is important to realize that one's career is much-much more than just a job. A job can be changed but a career once chosen doesn't get changed easily.
For example, as an Electronics Engineer you may start your career with a small chip making company but can change your companies and move on to the top rung of a Multi National Company. In the above scenario, you have changed your jobs but NOT your career.

It is possible that you may still be confused about our deciphering of your "inner core", there is a possibility that the path suggested by us does not match with your deep interests and dreams. If that is the case, then we suggest that involve your parents and take a measured call.
What we at AfterOffice have done is to help you discover your own self and that is entirely based on the inputs provided by you while you responded to AfterOffice assessment. In addition, we have in some way contributed to your thinking about your career. And that is a good thing ... for us, that itself is a matter of great satisfaction.
As discussed earlier, we at AfterOffice have thought of a "Road Map" for you to help you on your way towards your "best-fit" destination. The same is appended with this report.

And yes, should you require any help just drop me an email:


Road ahead to join Indian Army

An officer in the Indian Army inherits glorious heritage and timeless traditions, blended perfectly with the latest technology in the fields of management, engineering and medical sciences. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world's finest Army and get trained not only to be an Officer but also a Gentleman for life.

There are various routes to join Indian Army

1.    NDA : 300 vacancies (Twice a year), Eligibility is Class XII, Any stream for Army and PCM for Airforce and Navy. Selection through writtentest followed by SSB interview and medical examination.

Trained at NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune,3 years at NDA, 1 Year at IMA.

2.    Technical Entry: 85 vacancies (Twice a year), Class XII, PCM, Trained at IMA Dehradun. Training 1 Year at IMA and 4 years CTWS, permanent commission after 4 years.

3.    IMA : 250 vacancies (Twice a year), Eligibility is Graduation, Selection through a written test followed by SSB interview and medical examination. Direct entry through test or NCC entry or Officer Training Academy: Short service Commission. For NCC entry min three years with NCC, direct SSB interview. For Non technical Entry through NCC, minimum of 'B' Grade in the 'C' certificate exam in NCC. Trained at IMA Dehradun, 1and half year training.

4.    After Engineering: Technical entry or university enterance scheme, Short service commission, Selection through SSB interview followed by medical.

5.    Women special entry: After graduation/Post graduation, (technical/Non Technical), Selection through SSB interview.

6.    AFMC: Medicine in Armed forces medical college, selection through entrance test.

7.    Graduates of law: written test followed by SSB interview.

8.    Veterinary Corps: After graduation in Veterinary sciences or B VSc with animal husbandary, Selection through interview.

The Indian Army promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. Opportunities to upgrade through various courses are abundant. The adventure and extra-curricular activities in the Army ensure an all round development essential in today's world. An opportunity is even provided to upgrade your civil qualification by availing two years paid study leave. Art of War-Engineering-Medicine-Administration-Human Resource Development and Management. The army teaches you all, moulding the officers into leaders capable of leading from the front in any field. Joining the Army is possible both after school as well as after graduation.

Apart from attractive pay and perks, Army offers you the best in Life Style, even better than all other professions. Be it the social interaction, finest clubs, golf courses, medical facilities and ample opportunities to indulge in adventure and sports, Army has it all. In fact you are paid to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment.

Facilities like subsidized housing, free medical for self & family, canteen facilities, group insurance cover, soft loans for house and/or vehicle and above all the feeling of belonging to a family (Army) which cares for you, are the perks of the Army which no other organization provides.